Friday, 19 August 2011

My favorite singer.

This week I would like to share with you all my favorite singer. I love this singer not only because she have beautiful face but she is very down to earth and honest. She honest on writing her lyrics. Every single words she write on her song shows how honest she is. She likes write about love and boys. She started her career as country artist. Now, she is become a No. 1 country artist.

Here she is Tylor Alison Swift. She born on 13 December 1989. Her new album speak now it was released on 25 October 2010. This album debuted at number one on the US Billboard chart and her album selling 1,047,000. In this album she write all the song by her own. She also acting movie Valentine's Day.

Every night before I sleep I must hear Tylor's song and tweet Tylor. So far she never reply. My favorite song is back to december. That song are so meaningful and story about her ex boyfriend she dumb and now she regret what she did. So, what can I said I will wait for Tylor's concert come to Malaysia. It's one of my dreamt come to Tylor concert.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A ghost story

This story I had experiencing by my self. This was happen when I in part 2. I still remember, how I handle it even I felt afraid. One night I just go to sleep like usual. At my bedroom at campus, my room did not switch off the lights. I just left one lights switch on.

This paranormal activity happens on 4 am. Suddenly, I wake up and I heard dog barks near my college. At first, I did not felt nothing strange. The dog still barks around 5 minutes. After that I heard a women crying. That time I feel my body sweating. I try to sleep but it does not work. At that morning after I woke up, I asked my roomates are they heard what I heard. Then they replies no.

At cafe, I tell my friends what I heard. Then one of my friends heard the baby crying. We all felt so scary. I just no to think about what happen to us. Because I felt worried if we just think about that we cannot forget about what happens.

The second story are, I still remember that time is 2 am. My best friend call me because her birthday. That time my rooms only have 2 people. My roomates already slept that time. I enjoyed gossiping with my best friend. Suddenly my best friend told me she heard my roomates laughing at the back. I was so shocked because my roomates already slept that time. My best friend was so scary and she ask me did not hung up the phone. We slept without hung up the phone.

This paranormal activity might happen at my campus. In my opinion, when we are not at our own place please take a good attitude and the most important things are positive thinking.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My childhood memories on Ramdhan

This blog entry for this week I would like to share with you all my childhood memories on Ramdhan. I still remember when I was 7 years old. I really excited because that is my first time go to tarawikh with my family.
For the first I don't know how to do terawikh and the first night doing tarawikh I just do for 8 rakat.

What are special are my late grandfather be a imam at mosque near my house. That's why that time I never missed tarawikh. I like go to tarawikh because after that we have the 'mohreh'. We can eat after doing the tarawikh. I missed that time so much. Now my grandfather was passed away. This is my first ramdhan without my grandfather.

After tarawikh I will helps my mother make a cookies. Actually, my mom didn't give me help her because she said she want to be hurry to finished the cookies. So, I just help her eat all the cookies. So, for me childhood memories on Ramdhan is so meaningful and still vividly in my mind.

Ramdhan month

As we know Ramdhan is a good month. Allah close all the hell's door and open heaven's door. As a Muslim we need take the opportunity to improve our good deeds. For me, i always waited for Ramdhan because I can control my diet.

The most I likes when Ramdhan are I likes  go to bazaar ramdhan. We can see a lot of variety of food. The first thing I would like to find a 'kuih pelita'. Sometimes I would like by 'kuih pelita' at different bazaar because sometimes the stall that sell 'kuih pelita' had different taste.

Second, I would to find 'kuih popia basah'. When not in Ramdhan month I don't like to find all kind of this 'kuih'. I don't like buy dishes in bazaar when I at home, because for me my mom's cooking are much more better. When sahur, it's hard for me to wake up because it's sleepy. But different at home because my mom already serve the meal.

For me, I love celebrate ramdhan with my family at home because different at campus, I need to be independent. This is my second time celebrate ramdhan at campus and now I can adapt with this situation.
  kuih pelita

popia basah

Monday, 25 July 2011

10 facts about me

10 facts about me.

1) Futsal.

Every evening I likes playing futsal at complex with my team. I am Karisma Uitm Segamat player. My highest  achievement are winning the first prize at Open INTEC Shah Alam. It will be my passion to improve my skills. For this semester I will perform for Uitm Segamat for Karisma (Karnival Sukan Uitm Malaysia).

2) R6

R6 is Yamaha product. I love this motorbike because it have power. My father promise me when I 21years old he will buy one for me. But I need to take license for B full. B full for motorcycle over 250 cc. For me, this motorbike will not stuck in traffic jam. It looks good.

3) Smart phones

My wish came true when I brought smart phone blackberry curve. I loves blackberry because it is a new trend. It will helps me connect with facebooks, twitter, check my email and many more. Why blackberry are called smart phones because  we can download many applications. I have one not because I want to show off but it is necessary.

4) Sleep

My hobby at home are I love sleeping. Even I wake up on 8.00 am I can continue sleep on 10 am. I don't know why, but I hardly can sleep during night. One more thing, I love slept after eating. :)

5) Karaoke singer

When I hang out with my friends and my sisters I love go to karaoke box. I love sang a song even my voice not so good as Maria Carey. My favouraite song is when you say that you loved me by Diana Rose. I will never tired sang this song.

6) Dimple on my cheek

Not all people around me noticed I have dimple on both side of my cheek. I think why my face looks cute because of this dimple. Not all people have this gift and I proud of it.

7) I love business

After SPM my father gaves me money to open burger stall. I needs to manage the stall own. I learnt with my friends how tu make a burger deliciously. I used my creativity to improves my cooking. But, it's not long-lasting because I had offered to Uitm.

8) The Sims

The sims is my favourite pc games. I started played this game since I in standard 5. I will turn crazy when I started play it. Sims have many series. Even now, EA games created many games but I think the sims is always the best. The sims is about how we built our own house. Manage the family and friends members and gain more money. We need to work to gain money. This games is similar in real life. I love it damn much!

9) Football crazy

I am a footbaal crazy. My favourite team are Manchester United. Every saturday and Sunday I will wait for EPL ( Englis Primer League). I shared the same interested with my father. I will never missed to watch football even it started on 2 am . My favourite player is Wayne Rooney. I will alwalys stalk him at twitter.

10) F1 driver

I do not like driving fast and obey with speed limit. Usually I will be driving on the highway at a speed of 100 to 110 km/h. Because for me driving fast can causing accidents.